zondag 12 december 2010


Today's afternoon I invited my family for the first oficial Guestroom opening,
Rotterdam, 2010

ps. (for upcoming openings and other events please follow welcomeintheguestroom.blogspot.com

dinsdag 7 december 2010


On Friday 3rd of December Dico Kruijsse had visited the Guestroom

After very fruitful conversation he decided to take part in my project. He will be the first artist who will work for period of two weeks, starting from January. 
Further we decided not to talk about the work that he will make here, but instead go on with the working method that we have learned once during the master class with William Hunt;
Bring an object that may be your inspiration, or do not bring anything at all. Start from the new.

Dico Kruijsse, 2010

For more info about the artist please refer to http://kruijsse.blogspot.com/