zondag 12 december 2010


Today's afternoon I invited my family for the first oficial Guestroom opening,
Rotterdam, 2010

ps. (for upcoming openings and other events please follow welcomeintheguestroom.blogspot.com

dinsdag 7 december 2010


On Friday 3rd of December Dico Kruijsse had visited the Guestroom

After very fruitful conversation he decided to take part in my project. He will be the first artist who will work for period of two weeks, starting from January. 
Further we decided not to talk about the work that he will make here, but instead go on with the working method that we have learned once during the master class with William Hunt;
Bring an object that may be your inspiration, or do not bring anything at all. Start from the new.

Dico Kruijsse, 2010

For more info about the artist please refer to http://kruijsse.blogspot.com/

dinsdag 30 november 2010


Marcel Broodthaers
MuséD'Art Moderne XIX' Siécle  (BIS)
Departament Des Aigles

after Broodthaers
Weronika Zielinska, digital print
Rotterdam 2010


Project title: Guestroom
Duration: half year, from January 2011
Place: for info please contact guestroomguestroom@gmail.com


I would like to introduce you to my new project. I hope you can find some time to read my latter carefully and maybe at the end you will be willing to take part in this particular project.

Some time ago I felt stacked in my working space and I decided to move-on by changing it. 
I did not have much choice as I haven't got any savings or so; I had to stay at my home. So I moved, but not really far. I went down the stairs to the first level of my house which is basically the second floor in the building we are living in. 

The room is unused by the most of time during the year and only when we have a guest we offer her/him this space to stay in.

This time there will be no only one guest, either coming from far or not and willing to have some rest before she or he leaves again. 
This time I want to invite different people, at different time. "Just" to work here, or make a work - for here. 
"Just" to come and reflect on this very special room, its formal destination and its present meaning.

It is a space on the back of the house. Around 16m2 and about 2,80m high. From the east side there is a big window with a balcony door, and so during the day the room has nice light.

I wonder, how would you deal with this unusual situation? 

Where things like private and public are overlapping oneself. Where inside and outside almost do not exist.
FInally, where it is my working space, your working space and a place to come to visit and to see. 

I invite you to be my guest. 

Best wishes, 
Weronika Zielinska

artist atelier, sketch

artist atelier, sketch