maandag 21 februari 2011


...that is, how does a camera obscura works...

Sarah Pink&Martijn Kroesbeek
Camera Obscura at the Guestroom
Rotterdam 2011

Although the light outside was not that favourable that day, all of our guests were quite amazed by the simplicity of Sara's Pink work. In collaboration with Martijn Kreosbeek, they taught us how to look in order to really see things. The visitor had to follow the labyrinth which was leading to one of the corners in the room. He had to sit for a little while on a stool and wait until his eyes would use to the darkness. Afterwords he could enjoy the beautiful image of the outside world.

Spectators that became a part of the projection
20.02.2011 EVERY TEN MINUTES. CLICK! opening

Artists Sarah Pink and Joanne Saltet during the opening 

woensdag 16 februari 2011


(Due to limited possibilities of the space, please confirm your presence via email.)

dinsdag 15 februari 2011


The first guest artist who worked at the Guestroom, Dico 
Kruijsse took f
or his point of departure t
he fact of having very limited space. And although he knew that the visitors are meant to enter the space, still he deceided to block it from both of its entry sites. Like that the wooden platform fitted exactly between the walls, what also made one think if it was barging against them. Through other objects installed in the the space, the artist made us aware of the existence of the walls, celling and floor as well. The two black books hanging from the curtain rail, could been slid along the window by the visitors. Images presented in them were the artist's reflection on the objects seen outside. An explicit detail fixed the attention of almost every visitor. By the door that was out of use, Kruijsse drew on the floor its possible arc. 

Dico builds imaginary fences, platforms or even machines that do not necessarily have to work. He creates sites where all collected objects, though made out of different materials, present a coherent cognitions on aspects like; possibility, limitation and confrontation. To build them, he uses  simple materials in a very smart way. He let the spectator not only explore his installation by entering it, but to experience its process of becoming at the same time.

Installation view

Book with images found on the Internet 
and pieces of wallpaper found in a Dutch DIYshop

Door not in use (detail)

Installation view (detail)

Installation view

vrijdag 11 februari 2011


How ever don't worry! Guestroom still exists and his guests are spending time very productively. For this time, artist Sarah Pink together with great technical help from Martijn Kroesbeek created an 3-dimensional labyrinth. Panels constructed of wooden beams and stretched canvas will guide the viewer from the entrance of the room to its exit. 

To keep you curious, here some of the today snap shots.